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A professional credit sweep and negative item removal expert for consumers in your own Local Area or even Nationwide.

Okay, so here's what your gonna need…

Step by step instructions on how to perform credit-sweep-negative-item-removal services for consumers other than yourself.

You see, something terrible happens when you communicate with the credit bureaus on behalf of other people about their credit. Simply put… The credit bureaus just don't like it. And contrary to the belief that credit repair agencies are somehow sanctioned by the credit bureaus, is just not true.

The credit bureaus actually hate credit repair agencies! And the very moment that they discover that the communication that they received is from you and not directly from the consumer inquiring about their own credit file…   your client  they will immediately flag your client’s account, refuse to honor your requests, and make your life and the lives of each and every one of your clients an absolute misery. And in the end, the very service that you accepted money for will simply… not work.

Then you will become one of those people who started out in the industry with good intentions… trying to help other people… but quickly became hated by their own clientele they accepted money from… Screening and dodging phone calls… and living life in the shadows. !

You will need to know how to avoid all of the loopholes and pitfalls of the industry !

 We have been in the credit industry since 2001, and we know exactly what you need to know, and what you need to do, to build a successful business with tens of thousands of happy clients allowing you to enjoy profitability for years and years to come.

There will be no hiding under rocks or in the shadows of caves for you. There will only be the warm accolades and referral business from your happy clients whose lives you will have helped change through the power of becoming a Credit Sweep Pro!

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